Natural rubber and silicone membranes
Natural rubber and silicone membranes
Natural rubber and silicone
for vacuum presses
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Vacuum systems VPB
Vacuum systems
for vacuum forming
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Vacuum station VS-8.8
Vacuum station
for vacuum bags
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Vacuum generators MVS
Vacuum generators
capacity till 5.4 m3/h
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Rubber seal profiles
Rubber seal
for vacuum presses
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Clamps and lock
for membrane frames
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Natural rubber membranes for veneering and laminating in the furniture production.
Silicone membranes for the challenging laminating in the automobile and aircraft industries.
Quality silicone diaphragms for the production of solar modules.
Silicone plates and sheets for the processing of the composite materials (solid surfaces).

All things vacuum membranes, bags and components

You can’t afford to act on a hunch when operating a vacuum press or bag, fitting a membrane and shaping pieces as part of thermoforming. Instead of guessing what may suit your applications and how to put them together, you owe it to the perfect end result to get a flawless assembly. This can be easily achieved with, a practical repository and an online store for vacuum equipment, frames and natural rubber and silicone membranes for sale.
Maximize the upkeep of your existing vacuum system, upgrade it with extra features and components or invest in new equipment for woodworking, thermoforming and other applications. Choose fully assembled units for furniture laminating or swap out your old membranes for new field-tested options for automobile, aircraft and solar system lamination uses.
All products displayed on can be shipped worldwide from our Riga-based warehouse.

Budget-friendly essentials for your vacuum membrane press

Whether you use a vacuum press in its basic configuration for veneering or are pursuing excellent quality with a more advanced system for multi-bag operations, keeping your unit up and running shouldn’t be pricey. Take good care of it with to save on maintenance and upgrades. We manufacture natural rubber membranes and other vacuum system components and exclude all trading fees for your cost benefits.

To find all essentials we’ve got for your vacuum equipment, select your press manufacturer and explore available products. It doesn’t take a lot of clicks and time to view compatible components and consumables, including:

  • Membranes and membrane frames
  • Vacuum pumps, filters, fittings and heating elements
  • Control units
  • Clamps, seals and bags
  • Connectors and adapters
To assess the characteristics and compatibility of two or more products, use a Product Comparison tool on It’s designed to facilitate the selection process and give you some confidence that you won’t lose sleep over ill-fitting or oversized vacuum press components.

Top-grade silicone and natural rubber membranes for vacuum presses