Product description

NR 45 Grey/Red - a high-quality grey/red natural rubber multi-layer membrane with hardness 45 Shore A, intended for use in membrane presses with positive negative pressure in the wood industry. The high resistance to tearing, dynamic tension and compression loads allow extend service life of membrane. More cycles less downtime. NR-45 Natural Rubber Membranes supplied with cloth/smooth finish. Check availability in store catalog.

Area of application

Foil, veneer, paper, lather laminating in the furniture manufacturing and woodworking industries.

Physical Properties
Thickness, mm:2.54
Width, mm:1700
Length, m:from 1 till 15.5
Working temperature, max C:130
Hardness, Shore A:45 +/-5
Elasticity, %:650
Density, g/cm3:1.10
Tensile strength, N/mm2 (Mpa):20
Tear strength, N/mm:60